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Bilingual Glossary

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Semiconductor Industry Division 半導體產業科
Industrial Development Administration,Ministry of Economic Affairs 經濟部產業發展署
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership 區域全面經濟夥伴協定
The Regulations on Industries Investment from Repatriated Offshore Funds 境外資金匯回投資產業辦法
Five Plus Two Industry Innovation Plan 5加2產業創新計畫
Subsidy, Reward and Assistance Regulations for Promoting Industry Innovation of Ministry of Economic Affairs 經濟部協助產業創新活動補助獎勵及輔導辦法
Statute for Industrial Innovation 產業創新條例
Regulations for Providing Assistance in the Development of New Leading Products 主導性新產品開發輔導辦法
Regulations for Loans for Promoting Industrial Research and Development 促進產業研究發展貸款辦法
Regulations for Application for License and Declaration for the Manufacture of Optical Disks 光碟製造許可及申報辦法
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